We currently offer more than 55 thousand square feet of warehousing with the ability to handle an excess of 6,000 pallets. Located strategically in North California, our warehouse provides an optimal location and flexibility for your distribution needs. Our systems also manage the locations of the goods for real time reporting of inventory levels and movement of product.

Inbound Receiving

An efficient supply chain begins with the timely, accurate receipt, and inspection of inbound materials. We coordinate with our customers through the use of an ASN process so that receiving staff is ready for the incoming package, LTL, or container shipment.  Our trained warehouse professionals manage the inbound receipt of client materials and adjusting inventory records on a real time basis.  We also employ RF technology to manage the movement and location of goods.  Higher level inspections services such as detailed quality reviews and weigh counting of materials are always provided.

Outbound Logistics

At Munoz Transport, our outbound logistics gives our customers an effective solution based on their needs. We leverage our relationship with over 10 carriers to make sure that deliveries to your customers are on time. Our Transportation Management team will find the most efficient and effective lanes for the final leg of your supply chain. Whether it is several daily truckloads to a big box retailer, or a few pallets to a small grocer, we create the best solution for your company.

Our outbound services include:

• Outbound carrier procurement

• Shipment planning

• Freight optimization and order consolidation

• Freight Audit

• Freight Bill Pay

•KPI Reporting

Security and Redundancy

MTS employs security cameras and access controls throughout our facilities.  Each client is allocated specific warehousing locations, and forward pickup areas. In secure environments, access is restricted to specific employees. We have Hazmat certified staff using best practice guidelines, while maintaining compliance with federal regulations to manage the movement, storage, and shipping of hazardous materials.

To ensure continuity in your fulfillment operations during the time of unplanned weather events, we provide a detailed disaster recovery plan (DRP).


Order Fulfillment

Product Fulfillment

MTS expertise in product fulfillment helps you get to market quickly and efficiently at the highest levels of accuracy – supporting shipments directly to consumers as well as the retail channel. We are equipped to handle virtually any fulfillment requirement: from simple product distribution, to the most complex programs.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that orders are precise at all levels and understand the importance of your customer’s satisfaction.

MTS prepares and warehouses customer orders and source products. We also pick, pack and ship them straight to your customers. MTS handles your “behind the scenes” work, so you can focus on more important things, like running your business.

Our order fulfillment services include:

  • Pick, Pack and Ship Fulfillment
  • eCommerce Fulfillment
  • Business to Business Fulfillment
  • Literature and Book Fulfillment
  • Retail and Wholesale Distribution
  • Retail Package Drop Shipping
  • Continuity and Subscription Fulfillment
  • Returns Processing and Reverse Logistics
  • Common Carrier Management

Our Kitting and Assembly services include:

  • High Volume and Custom Assembly of Products
  • Tagging and Labeling of Barcodes
  • Build to Order Fulfillment
  • Bulk Assembly
  • Product Recalls, Rework and Refurbishment
  • Shrink-wrapping, Banding and Auto-bagging
  • Serialized Assembly, Lot Control
  • Quality Assurance and Weight Verification

MTS eliminates the headaches around Dray Management.

Our drayage program drives efficient handling of inbound containers resulting in lowered detention, demurrage, and delay. Our technology gives our customers visibility, and proactive monitoring of international dray shipments.

Gaining control over inbound shipments can allow you to capture savings opportunities you didn’t know were possible and it does not come with a significant capital investment. With OHL, you gain compliance toward low cost routing, more effective freight planning and freight consolidation, visibility to shipment events and issues and greater efficiency.

Container Devanning

In our warehouse operation we also offer container devanning of any goods you ship us. We have experience with everything: Cars, appliances, clothing, utensils, and more. Our solutions ensure that your goods will be professionally handled or palletized guaranteed.